Photo Gallery of Granite Boulder Fountain Settings

Scroll through the completed photos below to see an assortment of fountains and how they look in different settings after we installed them.

In addition to running and operating our landscape division we also hold the Arizona dealer rights to sell natural granite stones which make beautiful yard fountains as well as fire bowls! Most of our inventory is brought in from our plant in Idaho with the actual boulders being quarried from all over the US. There are a few rare Arizona native granite stones that we are able to core drill ourselves.Outdoor garden fountains are very common, make yours unique with a natural stone! Enjoying water fountains outdoors or inside is easily accomplished with our design options.

About Unique Boulder fountains

Boulder Fountains

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Come down and see in person the variety of Boulder Fountains that we have running on display! You can see the beauty and hear the wonderful sound the fountains offer! In addition we have over 100 Unique Boulder Fountains in inventory for you to select from.


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